Vietnamese gov't vows to combat corruption

Vietnamese gov't vows to combat corruption
05, Dec 2017 , 4:13 pm         2595
ដោយ: Xinhua
 HANOI: The Vietnamese government has issued a resolution on its action program on anti-corruption until 2020, Vietnam News Agency reported on Tuesday.

In the program, designated to implement the national anti-corruption strategy and the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the government defined eight main groups of tasks to be performed by 2020.

The tasks include improving the role and sense of responsibility of officials, public employees and civil servants, especially the heads of agencies, organizations and units.

The management and supervision of officials, public employees and civil servants will be enhanced, while regulations on personnel work will be fine-tuned and strictly enforced.

Agencies will have to control the assets and income of officials, public employees and civil servants, and perform their duties more transparently.
Ministries, sectors and localities will work to perfect the management of socioeconomic institutions. They will strengthen inspections, examinations, supervision, auditing, investigations and prosecutions to ensure the effectiveness of corruption prevention and control.

Public awareness and society's role and responsibility in fighting corruption will be fostered. Meanwhile, the apparatus, functions and tasks of agencies and units in charge of corruption prevention and control will be consolidated.

Under the program, Vietnam will incorporate the United Nations Convention against Corruption into local law, expand the scope of the Law on Anti-Corruption to the non-state sector, and cooperate with foreign partners in tackling corruption.

Reviewing the 10-year implementation of the Law on Anti-Corruption, Vietnamese legislators said last month that corruption cases have caused total losses of over 59,700 billion Vietnamese dong (more than 2.6 billion U.S. dollars), and 400 hectares of land, according to recent local media reports

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