How do you know you like your job?
How do you know you like your job?
24, Jan 2019 , 10:39 am        
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Finding a job you like is really tough. Some people choose a particular job because they know they like it. But some other just pick jobs randomly with an aim to discover if the jobs fit them because they have no clue about what kind of career they really like. Ms. Sok Arun Wattey, Senior Account Executive at Havas Riverorchid Cambodia Co.,Ltd tells The Reflection that people should carefully learn about themselves first and the jobs they think fit them before going for it.

Arun Wattey says, “For some youths, they need to study about themselves and then study about the jobs. I try to define myself [by] what I want, and what I really like to do. When I find myself, I find my job.”

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