Confirel’s Candies, a dream of Thnot and fruits for the Cambodian rural development
Confirel’s Candies, a dream of Thnot and fruits for the Cambodian rural development
21, Aug 2019 , 3:44 pm        
ដោយ: ថ្មីៗ
Phnom Penh: Confirel’s birth is closely linked to one of Cambodia’s symbols: the Thnot, typical tree of Cambodian rice fields. This sugar with its caramelized notes is perfect for Asian dishes, goes well with coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and enhances the flavour of classic pastries... It therefore seems perfectly suited to blend into small, natural, spicy or fruity sweets.

Confirel confectionery is divided into two groups: Natural Candy and Choco Candy. The first enhances the natural caramelized color of Thnot sugar while the second is characterized by its chocolate-brown color. These sweets, with their original recipes, have a caloric intake per 100 g lower than other sweets or chocolates.
The processing of sap into sugar promotes Cambodian culture and know-how while providing additional income to farmers during the dry season.
Increase the quantity of sugar purchased from farmers in order to grow their standard of living and limit the rural exodus while enhancing the other wealth of Khmer countryside was the second challenge taken up by Confirel.
The alliance between this sugar with caramel shades and tropical fruits has been obvious. Typical of Cambodian food, these exotic fruits often do not allow their producers to make a decent living from them. Indeed, the absence of an agricultural sector, a selling price that does not cover production and transport costs to the market, and competition from neighboring countries lead to a phenomenal loss of these raw materials. Enhancing these fruits through these sweets brings many advantages.​

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