Advertising with Cambodianess to Reach Your Target Customers
01, Feb 2023 , 9:19 am        
Cambodianess, which began operation in April 2019, is an English-language news site affiliated with Thmey Thmey Media.
It is a unique platform that offers accurate and unbiased news and analysis through the eyes of Cambodian journalists.
Because of the high quality of our news content, Cambodianess has been recognized quickly by the general public, with visitors increasing every month. 
Cambodianess offers you effective and low-cost advertising that will contribute considerably to your products and business branding, boosting sales and revenue.
Interested customers can promote their products or services on our platforms, which include the website, Facebook page, mobile application, and YouTube channel. Through Cambodianess, your products and services will easily reach a specific segment of the target customers.
Our services include:
-Banners on Cambodianess website
-Advertising on Facebook page
-Advertising on Mobile application
-Advertising on YouTube
-Advertorial content
-Video spots
-Video interviews
If you are interested in our services, please contact us via email: [email protected], [email protected] or by phone: (+855) 86 654 846, 12 900132

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