Is skills gap the only big issue for Cambodian youth?
Is skills gap the only big issue for Cambodian youth?
23, Jan 2019 , 9:52 am        
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The skills gap does exist among Cambodian young job seekers, and addressing the issue is very critical in order to guarantee the future of youth employment. In addition to skills gap issue, Mr. Sovinda PO, Senior Research fellow at Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP), believes that with the arrival of the 4th industrial revolution, the change in which robots will outperform humans,  the role of youth in the process of this change would be another primary focus for all stakeholders.

“We are living in the 4th industrial revolution, and we would expect to see jobs being replaced by machines. But we need to think about what kind of machines we need, what the role of the youth should be in that process and how we can position ourselves along the way. So not only youth but also all of us need to think about it very carefully, otherwise we are not ready for the consequences,” Sovinda argues. 

Keeping challenges posed by skills gap and the rise of new technology aside, Sovinda wants to encourage young people to do what they love. 
He says, “All in all, it comes down to [the point that] what you love or what interests you the most matters more than the gap itself. It is because when you do it best, you tend to create the best result.” 
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