Why are Cambodian women reluctant to choose STEM majors?​
Why are Cambodian women reluctant to choose STEM majors?​
27, Mar 2019 , 3:39 pm        
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In Cambodia, women still remain underepresented in #STEM fields. When asked why many girls and women are still reluctant to pursue STEM majors, our panelist Cheat Morokot, technical officer at Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications explains that there are two notable factors such as external forces and inner thought that influence women's decision.

“Sometimes women would like to choose STEM, but they don’t because of the social bias. I can say their families and relatives would pressure them. Besides that, I can say it is also about our tradition. No matter how much we study, we can only stay at home to be a housewife,” Morokot says. 
She adds: “And besides external issue, it is also related to their internal thinking. They don’t know clearly about STEM education, and they think if they take STEM major, they don’t have time to relax.” 
(Note: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
Our full discussion on the topic  “How to encourage more women and girls to take STEM majors?" will be released this week.  
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