The Herbal Tea with Kampot Pepper Inflorescences, the New Flavor of Kirum
The Herbal Tea with Kampot Pepper Inflorescences, the New Flavor of Kirum
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The genius of the people who built Angkor temples has survived the centu- ries and today amazes millions of tourists. The ancient Khmer people have nourished their creativity with the products of a generous nature whose flavors belong, such as the temples, to the national heritage of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Valorizing this exceptional heritage from the Cambodian countryside and make it known worldwide to improve the lives of farmers, this is the philosophy of Confirel, a Cambodian company engaged in the struggle for a development respectful of people and environment.

Under the Kirum brand, Confirel commercializes one of the jewels of Cambodian countryside: the Kampot pepper and its derivatives.

In the past, peasants have used only the berries of the pepper. Once, by walking through the plantations of Confirel, Dr. Hay Ly Eang, founder of Confirel and graduated in pharmacy and herbal medicine, has thought that inflorescences worn by pepper plants must have the same wealth and qualities that berries.

The Kirum Kampot Pepper Herbal Tea, a new flavor for the well-being of consumers

By using it alone or in combination with other plants provided by the Cambodian countryside, Kirum has created with these inflorescences a range of herbal teas with subtle new flavors and containing ingredients producing beneficial effects for welfare.

The infusion Kirum Origin - Detox. Made of 100% of inflorescences of Kampot pepper, Kirum Detox herbal tea is the ideal solution to profoundly purify your organism. It contains a natural active ingredient which will facilitate the elimination of toxins in your body. His secret: piperine, the active ingredient of pepper, which naturally facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body.

Kirum Ginger – Vitality is a mix of inflorescences of Kampot pepper and ginger. Kirum Vitality herbal tea is an ideal brew for re-energizing. Ginger naturally has stimulating and invigorating qualities that leads to aphrodisiac effects, according to the tradition…

Kirum Slimness herbal tea is an ideal brew for maintaining your body. Orthosiphon flowers and leafs aid in the natu- ral elimination and provide an effective support to any weight-loss diets.
Kirum relaxation herbal tea is an ideal brew for relaxing easily. The relaxing effects of jasmine flowers will help you eliminate your daily stress.

Kirum digestion herbal tea is an ideal brew for feeling good after meals. The combination of these two active ingredients eases the digestion naturally and provides a real feeling of lightness and well-being.

Confirel will soon add to this welfare range Kirum 3, a combination of pepper inflorescence, moringa and tea leafs. Kampot Pepper Herbal Tea are available in boxes, bulks, sachets and, soon, in bottles.

The original formula of Kampot Pepper Herbal Tea, created in Cambodia by Dr Hay Ly Eang, is registered in France at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and International patent will soon be granted while other research are performed in France with the collaboration of the International Cooperation Centre for Agricultural Research and Development (CIRAD) and NUTRAVERIS company in order to develop the full welfare capacities of the pepper herbal tea.

Kampot Pepper’ plantations certified organic by an international body

The qualities and the exceptional flavor of the Kirum Kampot Pepper herbal teas are the newest expression of a natu- ral product of the Cambodian countryside that Confirel magnifies in its organic certified plantations.

Since 2010, Kampot pepper has the PGI - Protected Geographical Indication - which guarantees the authenticity of this unique spice. No other than that pepper grown on the 4000 hectares of arable lands included in the IGP can claim the prestigious Kampot Pepper label.

Our farming methods must be worthy of this unique land. That’s why we are happy and proud to own the first Kampot Pepper’ plantations certified ORGANIC (by Ecocert S.A.) as per European standards (EOS), Japanese standard (JAS) & American standards (NOP).

Grown as per the ancestral know-how, the Kampot pepper gives to Kirum black, white and red peppercorns the high- est quality after being sorted and packed by the expert hands of farmers themselves.

The Kirum Kampot Black Pepper, the most traditional version, is, with its intense and delicate tastes, the best pepper for grilled meats for instance to enhance the flavors.

Rare and fully ripened, the Kirum Kampot Red pepper develops a complex and flavorful taste to meet with exclusive dishes.

Rare, less spicy than black pepper with a distinctive aroma and taste, the Kirum Kampot White Pepper is best suited with seafood and delicate dishes.
Kirum, the Kampot pepper in all its states

A condiment with a so rich history, with so powerful aromas, has boosted the creativity of Confirel whose the missions are to manufacture high quality and world-widely recognized healthy products and to promote authentic Khmer products and values while improving the economical activities of rural farmers.

And before Kirum Kampot Pepper Herbal Tea, Confirel had already created the Kirum Kampot Green Pepper Sauce.

With that sauce, we want to preserve the natural freshness of Kampot green pepper and to offer the consumer an absolutely original new sauce, authentically Cambodian and 100% organic.

Composed with two geographically protected ingredients, Kampot Green Pepper and Kampong Speu Palm sugar, this sauce owns a unique spicy and sour flavor. The sauce perfectly goes along with grilled meats and seafood. It can also enhance the taste of your salads and a lot of other everyday dishes.

Low in calories - 31 Cal / 100 g compared with 112Cal / 100g for ketchup, 50 to 100 Cal
/ 100 g for Tabasco and 680 Cal / 100 g for Mayonnaise - rich in vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants and manufactured from organic ingredients certified by ECOCERT S.A., this sauce, with its unique taste, is perfect for a healthy, light and original diet.

To enhance salad dressings, Kirum also offers the Organic Palm Vinegar which is naturally made by the fermentation of organic palm sap. It will give a typical taste to your dressings and improve the flavor of your salads.

The Kampot Pepper, appreciated by Chinese emperors and the Western gourmets, a condiment of excellence ...

Grown for centuries on hills caressed by the marine air of the Gulf of Thailand, the Kampot pepper is one of the best in the world. It enjoys this flattering reputation since the French traders have helped him to conquer the most stylish European tables during the 18th century after seducing, in the 13th century, the taste buds of the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan, who only wanted Kampot pepper to accompany its dishes.

... Reinvented by Kirum for the glory Cambodia

With the Kampot Pepper, Kirum offers to gourmets all over the world a fabulous journey in this little paradise of the Kingdom of Cambodia where nature and peasants’ know-how have worked together since eternity to create a so sublime condiment that one can easily imagine that it had enchanted the gods of Angkor.

Rooted in a terroir, combining ancestral traditions and innovation, environmental friendly and dedicated to the development of the Cambodian countryside for the welfare of its people, the brand Kirum is one of the flagship of Confirel, and shares a great ambition with the other brands of the company: to give the world the best of Cambodia, to bring the best to Cambodians.

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