How to encourage women and girls to choose STEM majors?
How to encourage women and girls to choose STEM majors?
02, Apr 2019 , 9:19 am        
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Cambodia’s tech sector has been growing significantly over the past years, requiring more Cambodian professionals who have strong knowledge and specialization in areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Cambodian government has also recognized that STEM is a driver of Cambodia’s innovative capacity and global competitiveness. The government prioritizes the sector and also invests more in STEM education as the country has been ranked with a poor record. Ministry of Education has ramped up the efforts to boost the curriculum while seeking to launch more STEM initiatives like female-only-coding club. Besides the government’s initiatives, a lot of different projects on outreaching and raising awareness, aiming at inspiring people to take part in STEM education are being run by different stake holders.

However, the number of women and girls in Cambodia choosing STEM majors remains low comparing to other fields of studies. Therefore, The Reflection brings in three important panelists to discuss ways to improving quality of STEM education and in what ways Cambodia can do to support and encourage young people specifically women and girls to be on board.

  The Reflection
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